Scot Toddies

Scot Toddies was inspired by my own personal Minnesota winter habits ⏤ which include making myself a hot toddy whenever I need that cold winter comfort. Originally said to have come from Scotland, the classic hot toddy drink brand Scot Toddies was concepted with kitschy Scottish things in mind. This packaging project included three bottle design, which were different flavors a part of the same system. I created the brand identity, illustrations, and wrote the copy. I also mocked up a physical product, which was chosen to be displayed at the University of Minnesota Packaging Show.

“Fill up yer mug with these hand-crafted Scot Toddies, based on the hot toddy motherland of Scotland. Our bonnie drinks come in three recipes: Plaid Hap, Ye Auld Toddy & Miss Loch Ness, perfect for those cold winter nights while you cozy up at the fireplace. If yer crabbit from the day, bide a while, have a blether, and get bloody moagered.”

Skills: Package Design / Brand Identity / Product Series Design / Typography