The Alt Re-Brand

The Alt is a skate shop located in Minneapolis, and has a long-standing relationship with the community. As an exercise in re-branding in an Identity & Symbols course, I redesigned The Alt's main mark in order to keep with the heart of the company, but bring a fresh new twist. The assignment was to expand on an existing business, so I decided to make The Alt a Surf & Skate shop located on the West Coast. I manipulated the "A" by adding a wave swash and created a textured fill to show the established nature of the company. The color choices nod to the sea with the dark teal color, while not making it kitschy. It's sophisticated, yet still organic and friendly with the rounded edges of the mark. On the back, I kept it simple with the typography being the main event - directing everyone back to their website, which is key for their business.

Skills: Branding / Adobe Illustrator / Wacom Tablet