The Demonstration Garden

This client hosted a contest between 30 contestants and desired a poster, postcard, and banner graphic to promote their museum's exhibit called The Demonstration Garden. This exhibit focused on fashion and displayed garments inspired by nature through the decades. Because the emphasis was on the floral inspiration, I chose to make the flower image in color and the garment in black and white, to emphasize the power of the influence. I juxtaposed the delicate and organic nature of flowers with a grid-structure and use of bold, geometric typography and shapes. This was nod to the technical creation of the garment and the use of boxes represented pieces of cloth used to create the garment. Although not chosen as the final design concept for the exhibit, it made Top Three and was highly regarded by the judges.

Skills: Adobe Illustrator / Composition / Typography / Poster Design

Promotional Poster Design

Postcard Design
Banner Display